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Frosted Glass Kitchen Doors – Satin/Lacomat

Frosted Glass 

Frosted pattern is produced by using acid-etching or sandblasting techniques. Frosted glass also available with stripes or with brown or graphite tint.

Lacomat Glass

If you are looking for long-lasting economical solution that can replace the conventional sandblasted or acid-etching for frosted glass kitchen doors “effect”, Lacomat glass is a way to go. Lacomat is a clear float glass coated on one side with a high quality varnish.  The varnish is applied on continuous large sheets to ensure a smooth, regular finish and perfect adhesion between the varnish and the glass. Lacomat’s originality lies in its ability to blend with any decor.

Brown Frosted
Graphite Frosted
Striped Frosted


Corleone frame with Frosted Glass Aluminum Frame Corleone with Frosted Glass  
Siena Frame with Frosted Glass Aluminum Frame Siena with Frosted Glass  
Striped Frosted glassStriped Frosted Glass  


Modena frame with Lacomat glassAluminum Frame - Modena with Lacomat Glass
Modena Frame with Lacomat GlassAluminum Frame - Modena with Lacomat Glass
Corleone Frame with Lacomat glassAluminum Frame - Corleone with Lacomat Glass