About Us

Our Company has been serving Midwest region of the United States since 2005.

We expanded our operations into East Coast market to tailor diverse market segments this region has to offer. The underdeveloped and rapidly growing urban environment created unique opportunity for exclusive, innovative and sustainable interior design products. We believe in honest and open business relationships and pride ourselves on proven track record of providing efficient solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. We will help you bring your vision to life. This is our passion.

Please scroll through our collection of Interior Design products where you will find unsurpassed quality and value. We Lead – others follow.

Our Collection

What can we do for you?

Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors
Acrylic Cabinet doors
Aluminum Extruded Handles
Aluminum Extruded Handles
Aluminum Frame Glass Cabinet Doors
Aluminum Frame Glass Doors
gold pianovo
Acrylic Metal Line
Qube It Aluminum Shelving
Qb It Shelving System
High Gloss Kitchen
Glass Doors
Shelving System
Qb It System
Free Standing Mirror
Free Standing Mirror
Sliding Doors
Closet Systems
Colorimo Glass inserts
Decorative Glass
Sliding Doors
Closet Doors