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Decor Veneers


Veneer DoorsCamouflage GR_008
Veneer DoorsEndless GR_004
Veneer DoorsYuan GR_003

Tabu VeneersCrystal GR_011
Tabu VeneersRings GR_002
Tabu VeneersGalaxy GR_006

TABU has developed another 14 models made with the already experimented technique. Sustainable wood species have been carefully selected, dyed all the way through the thickness, combining the most updated technology in laser cutting with the skill of assembling the different pieces of wood whilst keeping the natural beauty of each wood species. The range is fleeced onto FSC ® certified non-woven tissue, one of the key features of these sheets. TABU has succeeded in transforming a unique raw material into an incredible, sophisticated and user friendly product where each sheet is similar and consistent. The patterns are also a great platform to create bespoke color choices, where clients can select their own combinations leaving the custom made production ask to Tabu. RAYS, a decoration designed to suggest continuous combinations and overlapping of light beams, RINGS, a geometric composition designed to highlight the elegant interplay of circle in three tones, YUAN, marquetry created using the visual merging of polygons, ENDLESS, a panel designed with refined combinations of never-ending tones, GALAXY, a charming decor designed to represent a series of interconnecting galaxies, elongated end elliptical, CAMOUFLAGE, with colors derived from classical tones of Mediterranean woods and Nordic forest, MIRRORS, a combination designed with tones upon tones, reminiscent of the frames of mirrors, EUCLID, based on geometrical and linear combinations of triangles, CRYSTAL, an inlay designed to combine the concept of communicating surfaces, FLOW, a composition designed to evoke fluid boundaries between different physical dimensions, JENGA, reminds us of adjoining towers of wooden blocks, BARCODE, represents vertical and equal bands, alternatively jointed with a sharp contrast.

GR_002Rings -GR_002
Veneer Doors GR.003Yuan-GR_003

Veneer doorsEndless-GR_004
Veneer DoorsGR.005Endless-GR_005
Veneer DoorsGR.006Galaxy-GR_006

Veneer DoorsCamouflage-GR_007
Veneer Doors GR.008Camouflage-GR_008
Veneer Doors GR.009Mirrors-GR_009

Veneer Doors GR.010Euclid-GR_010
Veneer DoorsGR.011Crystal-GR_011
Veneer DoorsGR.012Flow-GR_012

Veneer DoorsJenga – GR013
Veneer DoorsGR.014Barcode-GR014